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Léon Rodenburg

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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Léon Rodenburg, I’m 20 years old and I live in Hazerswoude-dorp, the Netherlands. This blog is not so much about me more but more about Twitthere, an application I am developing as a hobby. I work as a programmer for Activo, a webdesign company. My main concern there is programming in PHP with MySQL database support. I’ve also written a few Java applications there, but I mainly create websites. I currently possess knowledge about PHP4, PHP5, MySQL, Java(Script), XML, AJAX, jQuery, C#, Objective-C (for Mac & iPhone), you name it.

I study Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at Zoetermeer. It put me in contact with Java, a programming language I’d heard of before but never got into. After reading a few books and building a few simple applications I got the hang of it so the first serious project was the next step. Because I have a job and study I sometimes have to put my own hobbies in second place, but I wanted to do this project on my own. It’s a good lesson in programming and project management, so I think my skills will benefit of the hours I put in Twitthere.

Luckily programming isn’t the only thing I like. I’m a member of the local shooting club, so I shoot holes in cards. I’m also a member of the local gym, to keep healthy. Furthermore I like to go out and have a drink with friends and when I’m in the mood I even play some table tennis 😉

Anyway, I was never really into Twitter and all the other social-networking sites, but I heard about the Twitter Application Programming Interface (API) and found out it’s a lot of fun to command a website (like Twitter) from your own applications. Because Java was now my new favorite programming language, it wasn’t hard for me to decide in what language Twitthere should be built. Of course there’s the advantage of platform-independency, so Twitthere can run on Windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux, but Java is one of the founders of object-oriented programming and therefore a good start. So if you are interested in learning to build applications like Twitthere, please contact me at kplrodenburg@live.nl.

To give you an even better understanding of who I am, please visit some of my online profiles:
http://leon-rodenburg.hyves.nl (Dutch)
http://www.twitter.com/LRodenburg (Dutch)

If you are interested in Activo, the company I work for, please visit:
http://www.activo.nl (Dutch)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and don’t hesitate to contact me!


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