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Welcome to Twitthere!

2 May

Welcome to the Twitthere blog! I just started developing Twitthere and I thought a blog might help to make the project into a success. But first I’ll shortly explain what Twitthere exactly is:

Twitthere is an open source platform-independant desktop client for Twitter, written in Java using the Twitter4j Java API library.

That is exactly what the application is. Like it says, Twitthere is open-source so you can contribute to the project (have a look at It is platform-independent, because it is written in Java and can therefore be installed on almost all systems. As the description also says it is specifically designed for desktop use (but laptops are also allowed to use it of course). The last piece of information is about the Twitter4j API library, which makes Twitthere possible. Please show the developers some respect at !

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it, and keep checking this blog for updates (and maybe a pre-alpha release of Twitthere).

— Léon