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Further improvements

12 May

Welcome back to the Twitthere blog! Today I had some time left for Twitthere, so I started improving the proof of concept I posted yesterday. I added a simple colour scheme, aligned the username and the text of the tweet, added the user icon to the panels and put in the date and source of the tweet. In short, that’s just about every basic piece of information a tweet should contain. Try it yourself and see if it works (the current prealpha only shows your Home timeline).

Download the latest version of Twitthere from SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/twitthere/files/

I also added the option to remove your own tweets (because it is only possible to remove your own tweets in your Home timeline). To make sure no accidents occur and no one sues me for removing their beautiful tweets, I built in a small confirm dialog to make sure you really want to delete it. It is still kinda buggy though, because if you delete one of your own tweets, for some reason the mouse scroll stops working :S The tweet is also deleted from Twitthere but there is no animation or anything, so the other tweets just shift up immediately (which is kind of ugly).  But fixing the bug and working on the eyecandy have to wait, because it’s time to go to bed.

— Léon