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New version released (0.2) and SoftPedia Award

17 May

The new award!

Today I’ve decided to release version 0.2 of Twitthere. It features all the basics of Twitter, like for example posting a tweet and mentioning friends. Please remember that it still is a work in progress and therefore it might be a little buggy, but don’t hesitate to try the new 0.2 (it won’t delete any tweets or followers without you knowing 😉 )

Twitthere also received its first award, in the form of a SoftPedia “100% Free” Award, so you can be sure it is free of spyware, adware and viruses. For more information on the award, please visit: http://www.softpedia.com/progClean/Twitthere-Clean-159419.html

The new version of Twitthere can of course be downloaded from SourceForge:

Also note that if you are upgrading from an older version, it is not necessary to redo the complete OAuth authentication. To keep the current local users in place, just copy the tokens.twtt file from the current directory to the new Twitthere directory, and log in as usual.

I hope you enjoy the new version!

— Léon