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Basic Twitter functionality

14 May

Today I finally made Twitthere useful. I added a JTextArea and posting capabilities, so now you can even post a tweet from Twitthere. Funny part is it also shows on Twitter.com that your tweet was posted through Twitthere. Furthermore it is now possible to reply on a tweet from your Home timeline (I’ve programmed it in such a way that the panel can show other timelines too, but for now it just shows the Home timeline), mention a user from your Home timeline or retweet a tweet in your Home timeline. All changes you make in Twitthere will be reflected upon Twitter.com, so it all actually works. 

The new Twitthere client, including replies / mentions & retweets


The only problem I’m having is checking whether you or someone else have retweeted a tweet (so it shows ‘retweeted by you’ and hides the retweet button on startup). If you retweet a tweet in Twitthere itself it updates the labels and buttons cleanly. I posted a screenshot again to give you an idea of how Twitthere evolved during the evening.  

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, checking out the new release and trying to understand the javadoc 😉 

— Léon